9th April 2021

Newly appointed ‘Ambassador of Excellence’ inspires students at hair training academy to be ‘a cut above the rest’

Exeter-based Hair@theAcademy announces 20-year-old tutor, Tyler Gray has been awarded the academy’s first-ever ‘Ambassador of Excellence’ accolade  in recognition of his outstanding achievements and inspiration to […]
6th April 2021

From now on I’m sticking to magnolia

I’ve lost count of the amount of TV paint commercials and makeover shows I’ve seen in which some alarmingly dressed young ‘would be’ interior designer ruins […]
29th March 2021

My accidental dentist is genuinely a joy

Well it looks like we are on the path for the new normal whatever that might be. I’ve had my MOT at the surgery all bodily […]
23rd March 2021

10 tips to attract media coverage

Without the knowledge, skills and experience, pitching to the media can be tough. There isn’t a day that goes by that reporters aren’t inundated with breaking […]
22nd March 2021

A shout out for radio like it used to be

Fancy a bit of Devon Gold? Don’t worry you don’t have to go panning for it in them there hills just get on the internet. Devon […]
16th February 2021

Entrepreneur shares the secret of explosive business growth in new book launch

Entrepreneur and business mentor Benn Davis, CEO of Devon-based Bigwave Marketing, announces the launch of his first book, aimed at business owners with a turnover of between £1m – £20m who want to grow exponentially.  Entitled ‘Annihilate your competition’, the 12-step […]
12th February 2021

How to set and achieve your social media goals for your business

Social media is definitely not one of the most linear channels in the marketing mix, so it’s easy to see why many businesses across the world […]
22nd January 2021

10 Step-Guide – Handling Negative Sentiment On Social Media

  1. Do not ignore negative comments.   If you receive a negative comment from a customer/client do not ignore it. This will just give them […]
21st December 2020

Camera, action, lights, as I take the plunge

What is it about Christmas lights that make us all go misty eyed and utter sounds like a donkey in labour? By the way I’m not […]