21st December 2020

Camera, action, lights, as I take the plunge

What is it about Christmas lights that make us all go misty eyed and utter sounds like a donkey in labour? By the way I’m not […]
14th December 2020

Getting to the bottom of the handbag craze

Apparently, Billy Connolly once said: “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, […]
12th October 2020

Full steam ahead for the Train of Lights

Now I don’t generally enjoy meetings, especially Zoom ones, and have a history of being caught out for making someone laugh with a less than the […]
5th October 2020

Pass me my poles, I’ve gone all Nordic

“Don’t call them sticks!” Glen muttered out the side of her mouth. “They’re poles!” She’s been ‘Nordic walking’ for a few months now and is constantly […]
28th September 2020

Celebrating the wonderful world of books

Argon. Othello. Matisse. I’m a genius! I’ve just sailed through 3 rounds of University Challenge getting the questions right. It took me another five minutes before […]
21st September 2020

Mini-break memories are made of this

I never really thought that I suffered from claustrophobia until recently when I found myself locked in a caravan toilet at 3 o’clock in the morning. […]
15th September 2020

Floral fun, by special arrangement

Well I never imagined I’d be intimidated by a bucket of flowers..and I wasn’t the only one. Six grown women on a British Academy of Floral […]
9th September 2020

Innovative medical practice works in collaboration with Exeter City Council & Stagecoach to ensure flu vaccinations are delivered safely

St Thomas Medical Group (STMG) consisting of St Thomas Health Centre, Exwick Heath Centre, and Pathfinder Village Surgery, has teamed up with Exeter City Council and […]
7th September 2020

Why they say never meet your heroes

It has been said that you should never try to meet your heroes lest they be found to have feet of clay. A famous American film […]