21st June 2021

A good whistle can often come in handy

My dad taught me lots of things. One of the most useful was how to whistle. I’m not talking a girly, little tuneful warble but a […]
14th June 2021
Judi Spiers with Harry & Shadow

The joy of having weekend guests to stay

It’s the summer it’s the West Country and suddenly friends and relatives you haven’t seen since waaay before lockdown decide it might be ‘nice’ to come […]
26th April 2021

No need to get sniffy over my geraniums!

Funny old thing fashion isn’t it? If you like it be it music, clothes or décor its “wonderful/ fantastic/ beautiful.” If you don’t its, “Been there […]
6th April 2021

From now on I’m sticking to magnolia

I’ve lost count of the amount of TV paint commercials and makeover shows I’ve seen in which some alarmingly dressed young ‘would be’ interior designer ruins […]
29th March 2021

My accidental dentist is genuinely a joy

Well it looks like we are on the path for the new normal whatever that might be. I’ve had my MOT at the surgery all bodily […]
22nd March 2021

A shout out for radio like it used to be

Fancy a bit of Devon Gold? Don’t worry you don’t have to go panning for it in them there hills just get on the internet. Devon […]
9th February 2021

Marital bliss despite my love of musicals

Who doesn’t want to be in a world where everyone bursts into song and dance? My husband for one. Ask him why and he’ll reply, “If […]
2nd February 2021

Tank’s call to arms for ‘forgotten’ workers

I heard from my old pal Tank Sherman the other day. For those who don’t know him…where’ve you been? Tank is a much loved and respected […]
4th January 2021

Disturbing times that I’d sooner forget

Well, I’ve just said goodbye and good riddance to a good friend…I say ‘good friend’ more like ‘promised’ to be a good friend. Full of ideas […]