27th November 2020

Independent floristry training school launched Christmas campaign to save England’s endangered species

Master Florists Julie Collins and Tina Parkes of award-winning British Floral Academy of Art, launches a special festive fundraising campaign to help save England’s most threatened […]
23rd November 2020

Oh, for the days of proper greengrocers

In the summer I happened to go shopping in a small Cornish town where I was staggered to find, amongst the endless pasty and charity shops, […]
17th November 2020

Phrases that just make my blood boil…

If ‘lockdown’, ‘furlough’,  ‘key worker’,  ‘self isolate’ and ‘social distancing’ along with ‘coronavirus’ have been declared as some of the most used words of 2020 then […]
13th November 2020

Born to be a silver dream racer?

Someone once said: ‘If you want to be happy for a day, drink. If you want to be happy for a year, marry. If you want […]
3rd November 2020

Grand day out with guardians of the water

I’m Pisces…. and its not even the weekend ..comedy gold! Actually its my star sign and is supposed to mean I have an affinity with the […]
28th October 2020

Expanding award-winning floral academy of blooms during Covid-19

Business is blooming for independent, award-winning British Academy of Floral Art based in Dunchideock, near Exeter, with internationally renowned co-directors, Julie Collins and Tina Parkes taking […]
12th October 2020

Full steam ahead for the Train of Lights

Now I don’t generally enjoy meetings, especially Zoom ones, and have a history of being caught out for making someone laugh with a less than the […]
5th October 2020

Pass me my poles, I’ve gone all Nordic

“Don’t call them sticks!” Glen muttered out the side of her mouth. “They’re poles!” She’s been ‘Nordic walking’ for a few months now and is constantly […]
28th September 2020

Celebrating the wonderful world of books

Argon. Othello. Matisse. I’m a genius! I’ve just sailed through 3 rounds of University Challenge getting the questions right. It took me another five minutes before […]