28th September 2020

Celebrating the wonderful world of books

Argon. Othello. Matisse. I’m a genius! I’ve just sailed through 3 rounds of University Challenge getting the questions right. It took me another five minutes before […]
21st September 2020

Mini-break memories are made of this

I never really thought that I suffered from claustrophobia until recently when I found myself locked in a caravan toilet at 3 o’clock in the morning. […]
20th January 2017

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15th August 2016

Interview with Alvin Stardust

Rock ‘N’ Roll veteran star Alvin Stardust talks about his fond memories of performing in Devon and a new album. Read more…
11th July 2016

Interview with Dave Hill – Slade

Take Me Back “Ome” Glen King travels to Wolverhampton to meet Dave Hill of the legendary group Slade and discovers his Devon roots! Cast your minds […]
28th May 2016

Interview with Darren Baker

At the tender age of four, artist Darren Baker can vividly remember people crowding around him as he sketched Big Ben… it was from that moment […]
29th March 2016

Interview with Fabian Perez

Well known for painting dramatic paintings to outstanding critical acclaim, Argentinean born Fabian Perez is Hollywood’s hottest artistic property. Read more…
28th October 2015

WESC Foundation Fashion Show 2015 @ the Met Office

Please click the link below to see our video story of the WESC fashion show with fashion from John Lewis and Exeter College. All photos and […]
29th March 2015

Interview with Duncan MacGregor

DUNCAN MACGREGOR REVEALS HIS TRUE COLOURS Many of the great artists of our time realise a creative talent at a young age, others work at it […]