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The housing, education, health, and many other sectors are changing before our eyes. Today, it’s not just about providing energy and carbon reduction plans, it’s about challenging our reasons to change.

At gkpr, we become very much your marketing team and gain in-depth knowledge of your business. We will carry out several focused services which enable us to represent your company in the marketplace and help raise your brand awareness across the South West. Our services include 1:1 business development introductions, marketing & PR, and event management.

So, how can a PR agency help my business?

We know that building brand trust, awareness, and transparency improves food and agriculture companies’ businesses.

We have a wide range of PR and marketing strategies that get your business noticed and help you engage with your customers through relevant and meaningful communications. This means better sales and business growth in the long term.

Why choose gkpr?

Working with a number of carbon reduced and energy saving clients, gkpr has developed an in-depth knowledge of this industry and has developed strong media contacts in this specialist area.

This includes features, PR campaigns, event management, and marketing. We have a proven record of maximising good news stories to a wide variety of farming media.

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